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Fair Rules

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General Rules and Regulations

ALL 2017 premiums offered are subject to change based on state funding!

  1. This exhibition will be open Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 at 2:00 pm and close Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at 6:00 pm.
  2. Competitions shall not be confined to Bureau County, but shall be open to the State of Illinois, and all other U.S. States, except as otherwise stated.
  3. Persons making entries for any premiums must first become members of the Bureau County Agricultural Board or purchase an exhibitor ticket.
  4. No entry refunds to non-winners.
  5. All entries must be accompanied by payment in full: Entry fee, stall/pen fee and exhibitor ticket, mailed to: Bureau County Fair Association, P.O. Box 238, Princeton, IL 61356 or presented at the secretary office on the fair grounds. Person giving an insufficient funds check, or a stop payment check will be barred from exhibiting at the Bureau County Fair for two (2) years.
  6. The association reserves the right to reject any or all entries.
  7. All premium forms must be signed when you pick-up your check.
  8. All premium forms will be kept at the office.
  9. The decision of the superintendent and executive secretary will be final in all disputes.
  10. Any exhibitor, who, upon the suggestion of the superintendent of the department and the executive secretary, shall be found guilty of finding fault with the decision of the judges in any department, can be excluded from exhibiting by a majority vote at the annual meeting.
  11. No person shall be allowed to act as judge in any class in which they are an exhibitor.
  12. All protests must be in writing and a $25.00 deposit must accompany it.
  13. Trophies, plaques and ribbons may be awarded at the discretion of the fair board.
  14. All trailers must be parked in designated area. See map page 2
  15. No person on the property of the Bureau County Fairgrounds will be permitted to have, sell, or give away any intoxicating drinks, drugs or narcotics of any kind.
  16. Any person considered in the opinion of fair officers to be in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics will be suspended from the fairgrounds at the decision of fair officials.
  17. The fair officials reserve the right to inspect all vehicles and containers at any time.
  18. Premium Waiver Statement: "The Department of Agriculture shall use its best efforts to secure sufficient appropriations to fund premiums. In any year for which the General Assembly of the State of Illinois fails to make an appropriation sufficient to pay such premiums, premium amounts may not be accurately reflected in this Premium Book."