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Fair Rules

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Livestock Rules and Regulations

View the Fair Book for specific livestock class rules, requirments and information.

Open Class Rules

  1. All Entries of Livestock, Poultry and Rabbits must be in the office by 7:00 pm Monday, August 13th, 2018. All late entries & changes will be charged an additional $1.00 per entry if room available (unless otherwise noted in the Fairbook). No exceptions.
  2. No additions or class changes 48 hours before show time.
  3. All entries, except noted on department page must be on the grounds by noon Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018.
  4. Entry releases will be according to individual livestock department page. Except by consent of the executive secretary, no departure from this rule will be allowed under penalty or forfeiture of premium and being barred from exhibiting at the Bureau County Fair for two years.
  5. Children 12 and under whose parents are members of the society are not required to purchase an exhibitor ticket.
  6. Bureau County Fair Association is not responsible for animals left after 6:00 pm Sunday, August 26th, 2018.
  7. Every animal on the grounds and entered for premiums will, during the fair, be under the control of the superintendent of the department in which it is entered. All possible care of animals will be taken by the board. But the board will in no case be responsible for any damages that may occur.
  8. No person except awarding committee on duty and officers of the association will be allowed inside the arena area while the exhibiting is going on.
  9. A premium will not be awarded for an animal thought not worthy, even though there may be no competition.
  10. It shall not be permissible to combine herds or flocks in order to make a show.
  11. All animals must comply with State of Illinois health rules.
  12. Registration papers are required for all purebred livestock. A copy of registration papers must be presented at the office before exhibiting. (Note: Papers will not be copied by the office staff.)
  13. All animals must be shown to receive a premium.
  14. All animals must be entered in their proper class and must be purebred.
  15. All animals must be shown by the exhibitor.
  16. No exhibitor will be allowed more than two premiums in each class.
  17. No feeding of animals will be allowed on the grounds outside of the buildings.
  18. No paper bedding will be allowed.
  19. Awards will be made by the selected judge of each department.
  20. The superintendent has the right to reject any animal or poultry showing signs of disease.
  21. Entries in the livestock open class must comply with rules and regulations of Bureau County, State of Illinois and Livestock Open Class.

Junior Class Rules

  1. Open to any boy or girl between 8 years of age, or in third grade and not yet 19 years of age on or before September 1 of the year previous to the fair.
  2. Proof of entry must be presented to superintendent upon request.
  3. Animals (i.e., individual, herd or flock classes) shown in the junior classes must be the property of the boys and girls showing them.
  4. If the same animals are shown in both the open classes and junior classes, they shall be shown under the same exhibitor’s name. (For example, the father is not permitted to show an animal in the open class and the son or daughter to show the same animal in the junior classes).
  5. Only other boys and girls who meet the age requirement set forth in #1 may assist exhibitor in herd or flock classes during the judging process.
  6. Competition shall be open to the State of Illinois.
  7. Any junior exhibitor wishing to show in open classes may do so by complying with open class and department rules.
  8. Entries in junior livestock and poultry must comply with the rules and regulations of Bureau County, State of Illinois, and livestock open show, and junior livestock show.

All animal trailers left at the fairground must be parked in the West Gate area.

Livestock exhibitor's cars/trucks will be permitted in fairgrounds livestock area to deliver feed and supplies, only until 10:00 am. After 10:00 am, all livestock exhibitors' cars/trucks will park outside the fenced in area. Any vehicle found in unauthorized area after set time will be towed into the general parking lot area at the owner’s expense.

These rules will be strictly adhered to as ordered by the State Fire Marshal.

Each livestock exhibitor will be issued one vehicle pass per family.

Do not request additional passes from the fair office.

Vehicle passes are for the vehicle only! All riders must have their exhibitor ticket, season pass or must pay the entrance fee; there will be no passing tickets from inside the fair grounds to outside the gates!