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Fair Rules

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Officials and Patron Rules and Regulations


  1. The Superintendents are required to be on the grounds and receive all livestock and articles belonging to their department, and see that they are arranged properly.
  2. They must be at their proper departments during the fair.
  3. They will have full charge of everything in their respective departments and will be looked to for proper protection and management.
  4. Superintendents of livestock must notifcy the exhibitors of stock when to be shown in the ring.
  5. No animal or article will be allowed to be removed from the grounds during the fair, except by concent of the executive secretary.
  6. Superintendent and executive secretary will make the final decisions in all dipsutes, regarding their department.


  1. Judges are to be selected by the superintendents of the different departments.
  2. Judges are approved by the fair board.
  3. Judges may not exhibit in any class they are judging.

Invited Guests

  1. Officers, with their families, of other agricultural societies are respectfully invited to attend our fair.
  2. Badges may be picked up at the secretary’s office.

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

  1. No persons on the property of the Bureau County Fair grounds will be permitted to have, sell or give away any intoxicating drinks, drugs or narcotic of any kind.
  2. Any person considered in the opinion of fair officials to be in an intoxicated condition or under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotic, may be suspended at the decision of fair officials.
  3. Fair officials and security reserve the right to inspect all vehicles and containers at any time.

Officers, Superintendents, Police, Gate Keepers

  1. The officers of the board, superintendents, police and gatekeepers will be provided with suitable badges.
  2. The officers and superintendents may appoint such assistants as they may deem necessary, with fair board approval.


  1. A life member card will be provided to a life member by the fair board, which will entitles them to admission to the fair.
  2. The card to be picked up at the secretary office. (A life member card will admit the owner, his or her wife or husband, and all children of such owner under twelve (12) to the fair. If such owner is not married, their life member card will admit such owner and one guest. A life member card entitles the spouse of any deceased life member, during his or her widowhood, to all the privileges of a life member).
  3. There is a charge of $15.00 per night per unit for parking house trailers or campers.