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Fair Events

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Saturday Fair Schedule - August 29th, 2015

Gates Open 7:00am - 9:00pm1-5 pm Armbands $20 unlimited rides
5-11 pm Armbands $20 unlimited rides

All Events held at the Hospitality Tent are free of charge with gate admission for your enjoyment!

Daily Attractions

More Information Less Information Farmer for a Day Free Show! All Day
Presented by Bureau County Farm Bureau
Exhibit Hall 4

Farmer for a Day at The Bureau County FairA favorite of the little ones each year, Exhibit Hall #4, adjacent to the Allen building, has an area for kids to learn what it's like to live on a farm participating in various fun and interesting activities.

Open daily during fair hours.

Fine Arts Exhibits Noon - 10:00 pm
Allen Building

Scheduled Events

More Information Less Information Bureau County Fair BBQ Rib Cook-Off5:00am-6:00am
Grandstand Infield

Bureau County Fair BBQ Rib Cook-OffSite: Bureau County Fair Grandstand Infield

  • Meat inspection between 5:00 - 6:00 a.m.
  • Only one entry per grill.
  • Use of charcoal & wood(s) only - NO electric grills and/or smokers.
  • No pre-seasoning, marinating or pre-cooking allowed.
  • Turn in time will be 2:25 - 2:35 p.m. inside the infield tent.
  • Cooking sites will be assigned/chosen upon arrival.
  • Entry platter will be assigned mid-morning, with each contestant's own entry number.
  • A "turn-in" of a minimum of eight or more bone-in pork ribs will be expected.
  • Entries will be judged on a scale of 1 thru 9, with 5 being the median/average upon presentation, tenderness and taste-hence a perfect score would be a cumulative 27 points. (Based upon "Kansas City Barbeque Society" judging criteria.)
  • To preserve neutrality, each entry will not be judged/compared to another - rather as its own entity.
  • Clean, safe handling of meat a must!!
  • Meat can be ordered through the fair by calling Craig Hoffman at 815-878-1129
  • Winners will be announced at 3:30 - 4:00 PM on site.

BBQ Cook Off Rules and registration Form

Please contact Craig Hoffman at 815-878-1129 for more information.

More Information Less Information Kid DavieFree Show! 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 & 8:00pm
Presented by Central Bank, Marquis Energy, & Variety Attractions.

Kid Davie ShowTo say Kid Davie is a veteran entertainer is an understatement. Although his professional career started 30 years ago, his first press came when he was just 4 months old. He made the Chicago Tribune for standing in his fathers hand. Balance has always come naturally to him, making stilt walking, ball walking, and slack rope walking look effortless. Growing up as a child this "Kid" would dream of being in the circus, doing all the things he saw. The skills of circus performers always got his attention.

As a young man Kid loved to watch Red Skelton, Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye and Johnny Carson. Then he learned that Johnny Carson got his start as a magician he jumped in with both feet. Practicing for hours and studying the likes of Houdini and Blackstone.

Kid was also intrigued with another type of magic. The magic of mime. Watching Marcel Marceau and Sheilds & Yarnell he loved the illusion of creating an image or thought with nothing more than movement. In the mid 70's he moved to the San Francisco area and performed at Fisherman's Warf doing street shows.

Being interested in so many different forms of entertainment it took awhile to realize he wanted to do it all. Years of practice later, variety seems like such a small word to describe his talents.

To date Kid has performed in Canada, toured in Japan twice, toured the United States for decades performing at County and State fairs. Performed at countless schools doing an inspiring show with several positive messages. He has had his own children's TV show, "Kidders Cartoon Castle" and was on "The Late Show with David Letterman".

Kid Davie is a unique, multi-talented entertainer. With a wonderful light-hearted sense of humor, warm out-going personality, he exhibits a great rapport with audiences of all ages, making him an "Entertainer Extraordinaire."

Kid Davie performs multiple shows daily.

More Information Less Information Talent Show 1:00pm
Hospitality Tent

Talent Show at The Bureau County FairBureau County Fair Grandstand

  • Junior Class - 14 and Under
  • Senior Class - 15 - 21
  • Groups or Solo
  • Any talent including: dancing, singing, bands, tumbling, or magic

Free Admission with Gate Admission

Talent Show Entry Form.

Talent Show Rules.

Applications are due Aug. 16th.

Winners will compete in Springfield for State Title in January.

For info or applications, call 815 866-8598.

More Information Less Information Tim & Karen Barker, Chain Saw Artist Free Show! 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 & 7:30pm
Presented by Timber Falls Tree Service

Tim & Karen Barker, Chainsaw Artist at The Bureau County Fair Tim & Karen Barker, Chainsaw Artist will dazzle visitors with their unique wood carving skills every day of the fair, turning six-foot logs into a wide variety of detailed figures.

Karen perform 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and 7:30 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 12:30 Sunday. Carving Auction will be held at 2:00pm Sunday.

Rocking Robin Band - 50's, 60's & R&R2:00pm - 4:00pm
Presented by Midland States Bank
Hospitality Tent
More Information Less Information Kachunga and the Alligator ShowFree Show! 2:00, 4:00 & 7:00pm
Presented by Heartland Bank, Cornbelt Energy, Mid American McDonalds & Norberg Monuments.

Kachunga and the Alligator ShowThis show may very well be the most exciting show you will ever see. It is guaranteed to keep you on th edge of your seat. Watch in astonishment as a real American Bushman bare-handedly apprehends a nine foot three hundred pind alligator. He will then host the massive reptile up out of teh water and carry it to a platform for all to see.

After Kachunga's incredible dance with danger, the show will go on to dismiss many misleading issues about the American Alligator and replace them with real facts.

Kachunga and the Alligator perform multiple shows daily and you'll be talking about it for weeks to come.

Beer Garden3:00pm - Closing
Near Grandstand
Presented by Tiskilwa Community Association
Henry Henry Torpedo Boys - Bluegrass5:30pm - 6:30pm
Presented by Midland States Bank
Hospitality Tent
More Information Less Information Tractor Pulls 5:00pm
Presented by Crop Production Service, Michlig AgriCenter, Ag View FS, Birkey's, Consolidated Grain, Seed House & Princeton Flighting
Grandstand Event

5:30pm - Farm Stock Tractor Pull
6:00pm - Illini State Pullers

Hook-up fee: Per entry number - $15.00


  • Pit Passes - $20 (all ages/no exceptions)
  • Adults - $10
  • Ages 7-12 - $5
  • Ages 6 and under - Free

  1. The Street Truck Classes are not sanctioned.
  2. Illini State Pullers 2014 rules and regulations will govern the event.
  3. 16-18 years of age must have parents sign a waiver.
  4. ISP reserves the right to alter or change the rules the day of the event should conditions require.
  5. See rules and regulations for additional event, class and prize information.

For additional questions, please contact Kyle Cain at 815-866-7870.

Last Call Band - Classic Country7:30pm - 9:30pm
Presented by Midland States Bank
Hospitality Tent
Cake Walk 9:30pm
Fair Office

Livestock Events

View the Fair Book for specific livestock class rules, requirments and information.

Horse Speed Show10:00am
McCutchan Arena
Beef & Steer, open show10:00am